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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Watch Si Agimat Si Enteng At Si Ako (Vic Sotto)

Si Agimat Si Enteng At Si Ako
Si Agimat Si Enteng At Si Ako (2012) | Watch Si Agimat Si Enteng At Si Ako Movie Online Free

Director: Tony Y. Reyes
Vic Sotto, Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr. and Judy Ann Santos

Sypnopsis; The story starts with the establishment of the three different planets apart, limited to fulfill for an experience like no other the modest family oriented tale of ENTENG KABISOTE as "VIC SOTTO", a low-profile specialist wedded to the wonderful Fairy Queen of Encantasia, FAYE as "GWEN ZAMORA". The fights of the AGIMAT "RAMON "BONG" REVILLA, JR.", the fearless town Soldier Idol of Amuleto; and the great tech-yuppie Empire of Diwatara decided by Queen ANGELINA KALINISAN-ORTEZA as "JUDY ANN SANTOS", also known in the individual globe as "AKO," where she brings an ecological loyality organization.


Where the first two “Entengs” counted on appreciation for the past and following records fed off the huge benefit brainless scene, “Si Agimat, si Enteng Kabisote, at si Ako” is a film so absolutely without route or objective, it is stupefying in its ineptitude.

The “story” recognizes Judy Ann Santos’ Angelina Kalinisan Orteza going up the Filipino arm of a Greenpeace-like. She passes across routes, first with everyman Enteng Kabisote and his fairy bride-to-be, Faye as "Gwen Zamora" and, soon after, soldier Agimat as "Senator Bong Revilla", reliable as ever in his lack of ability to thin down to perform and his bride-to-be, Samara as "Sam Pinto".

Almost instantly, Ako is affected with Enteng and Agimat, a proven reality that is utilized in a variety of moments where she foregoes pride to get the two in a team hug, to the surprise of Faye and Samara. While the primary figures issue themselves with Agimat and Samara’s wedding and transfer to World from their captivated empire, an large octopus from area is on the way to World with an military of four-armed. - Watch Si Agimat Si Enteng At Si Ako Movie Online Free


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